Tassell Consulting is your recruitment partner for full lifecycle change and transformation resources across financial services. We also provide targeted solutions for data, risk and operations divisions. For examples of our consultants’ prior experience, please visit Case Studies.

Why will we benefit your business?
We are consultants. We challenge the brief. We look for personalities, not simply CVs. With financial services businesses undergoing significant change, we offer a number of tangible benefits to your recruitment process:


A Critical Eye

Many job descriptions can sound similar. We critique our briefs and want to understand the personality behind the desired individual. Through this critical approach, we provide a more targeted service thus achieving better results for both parties.


Swift and Dedicated service

We believe in offering a service that is professional with personality thrown in. We are passionate about what we do and strive to partner in an effective manner, building relationships for the long-term.

Personal Networks

We network furiously to unearth hidden talent through our strong relationships. We also use social media and attend industry events to increase our market awareness. We then meet, assess and reference individuals to ensure we are working with top talent.


Thorough Candidate Assessment

We save clients time and effort through detailed candidate profiling using specific lines of questioning to ascertain strengths and weaknesses. We aim for a CV Sent to Hire ratio of around 3 to 1.