At Tassell Consulting, we view ourselves more as Career Advisers than Salespeople and will always put your career first. We have extensive experience of introducing individuals to some of the world’s leading banks and consulting firms. There are a number of reasons why using Tassell Consulting can help you with your career:

See the bigger picture – we will read your CV carefully and air our views on a number of possible directions you can take.



Assess key skills – we test a number of core competencies to make a judgement on ‘where you are at’ on the path to success


Industry networks – sometimes the best approach might be to represent an individual to our network to ascertain what skills the market values – we will work closely with you to find a solution


Mindful for the Long-Term – once registered and profiled by us, we will stay in touch until that all important ‘Dream’ position arises



“They took me through the whole process with personality and professionalism – thank you.”

(Manager, Big Four Consulting Firm – FS IT Advisory Division)